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Whistler Accommodation

While jobs are easy to find in Whistler, accommodation is a bit more challenging to secure. Many employers won't give you a job unless you have a place to stay in Whistler and if you live to the south or north and there is a snowstorm which closes the highway, you can't get to work.

Finding an Apartment, House, Flat, Roommate, etc. in Whistler

Your best bet for finding a place to live is through Craigslist and through the local papers. Word-of-mouth is also a good way to find out about housing opportunities so be sure to let everyone you know in Whistler or even the ones you've just met that your looking for a place to live. You never know who may know about a housing spot thats just opened up.

If you are working for Whistler Blackcomb, be sure to check with them about employee housing options because they house many of their employees over the winter season and offer a staff housing discount. Its not luxury accommodation, but its a place to lay your head.

Here is a list of neighbourhoods in the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Check out the Whistler area map to get a closer look at where the housing areas are.

Whistler Village
Blackcomb Benchlands
White Gold
Whistler Cay
Whistler Cay Estates
Alpine Meadows
Emerald Estates
Alta Vista
Nordic Estates (Club Cabins)
Alta Lake (West Side Road)/Rainbow Lodge
Whistler Creekside (Southside/Whistler Creek)
Whistler Highlands/Rimrock
Alpha Lake Village
Tamarisk Estates
Function Junction
McGuire's/Northair (Callaghan cut-off)
Pinecrest Estates
Black Tusk Estates
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