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Whistler Health & Emergency Services

Being in medical trouble or sick while in another country is not fun. So its important to know where you can go to get medical help when you need it.

The phone number to call for emergency services in Canada is 911.
(This is the same emergency number as in the USA)

Here is a list of emergency service health providers that you can find in Whistler:

Medical Centers & Doctors

Whistler Medical Clinic
4380 Lorimer Rd
Acute Care, Ambulance, X-ray, Lab & Helicopter Evacuation

Northlands Medical Clinic
101-4359 Main Street

Town Plaza Medical Clinic
4314 Main St


Nesters Market & Pharmacy
7019 Nesters Rd

Suite 103, 4360 Lorimer Rd

4212 Village Sq


Aarm Dental Group Whistler
#12-4122 Village Green

Whistler Dental
336-4370 Lorimer Road

Creekside Dental Clinic
Suite 209 2011 Innsbruck Dr

Eye Care

Whistler Eye Clinic
338-4370 Lorimer Road

Health Insurance

There are a couple companies out there that offer coverage travel/health insurance plans specifically for working holiday travelers, however, they are only for travelers from certain countries and you must purchase your plan before leaving on your trip. If you need health insurance we recommend World Nomads because you can buy or extend travel insurance from anywhere, anytime, online through them. They cover over 150 different countries so most likely yours. You can get a quick quote from them below.

Travel Insurance: simple & flexible

What you need to know about World Nomads travel insurance

  1. You can buy while away from home
  2. Available to people from 150 countries, travelling worldwide
  3. Extend & claim online
  4. Cover your adventure, including over 100 sports & activities
  5. Give a little back to a local community
  6. Stay informed & safe when you travel
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